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Dear Visitor of Business Education Plus!

Thank You for your time and attention to this business-training site. We are assisting company owners and their team members to extend their knowledge on management, marketing, sales and negotiations. We are pleased to share with You open and corporate seminars and master classes led by the first class business trainers who are invited to Latvia by our company and which we are proud to organize.

We mainly cooperate with business trainers and practitioners working in the Russian language. They all run their own-developed and copy-right training programs and courses and each one is an author of at least one published book. Among them we can mention such famous business coachers and business consultants as Mr. Alexander Fridman specializing in regular management (Latvia/Russia), Mr. Alexander Levitas specializing in guerrilla marketing (Israel) and a marketing guru Mr. Igor Mann (the Russia).

Since the end of 2011, we have led more than 75 business-seminars including an online thematic video-conference.

One or two-day seminars are delivered in Russian, they bring together business owners and top managers from the United Kingdom, Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Moldova, the Russian Federation, the Ukraine and Estonia.

Business Education Plus is a member of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and as well of BNI..

Since 2015, we have been developing a new direction — the well known international show “Night of the Ad Eaters” which is conducted in Riga and promoted generally all over Latvia. You may visit our web-site for details: www.adshow.lv

Are your business interests connected with Latvia as well as with Lithuania and Estonia? If positive — thanks in advance for mentioning about us to your local business partners — Latvian and Baltic colleagues, clients, partners and suppliers. I am always ready to phone and meet them personally if you leave me their contact information. I will let them know how useful we could be to company owners, top-managers and their business teams.

Lev Fainveitz
You are welcome with your queries.
Yours truly & with my best wishes to your businesses,
Lev Fainveitz
The head of Business Education Plus, business — training seminar company Resonance Plus, PR-company
Organizer of the international show “Night of the Ad Eaters” in Latvia

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