Magnificent Ichak Adizes: now in Latvia!
'Ideal executive' workshop
at Bellevue Park Hotel Riga
30 October 2019

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+371 29538469
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    Business owners
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    Top managers
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    Mid-level managers
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    HR directors and specialists
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Ichak Adizes

  • A legend in the field of management, and one of the world's most prominent business consultants
  • He created a methodology used by more than 2000 organisations in 52 countries
  • Consults managers for the world's leading companies. The list includes Volvo, Visa, Bank of America, Coca-Cola
  • He has consulted the governments of Sweden, Brazil, Israel, Macedonia and Mexicos
  • One of Adizes' scientific theories, the corporate lifecycle theory, is described in his book 'Managing Corporate Lifecycles'
  • He has published 29 books, translated into 26 languages
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Workshop schedule
First session
First session
  • Perfect manager. Management roles and styles.
  • Mismanagement styles.
  • Personality traits of a manager necessary to direct the company towards prosperity. Main findings.
  • Q&A.
Second session
Second session
  • Why there are no ideal executives, and what we should do in view of this fact. PAEI methodology.
  • Conflicts that arise between different types of managers.
  • Key corporate problems in the former Soviet Union.
  • 'Vitamin E' for extending the youth of the company.
  • Adizes' recommendations on the organisational structure.
  • Q&A.
Third session
Third session
  • Management in unpredictable times.
  • Why salaries and bonuses no longer work today.
  • Recent challenges, and conclusions drawn by I. Adizes after consulting companies for half a century.
  • Q&A.
The legendary consultant will speak in English, with a synchronous translation into Latvian and Russian.
We will grant a 10% discount if you buy 5 or more tickets. Contact the event's organisers to confirm the discount
+371 29538469
Ticket categories
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€420 + VAT
  • Workshop
  • Equipment for synchronous translation
  • Coffee break
  • Rows far from the stage
€635 + VAT
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