Garrett Johnston, Ireland
How to conceive, design and build customer centric business strategies that will revolutionise and transform the economic competitiveness of any Latvian business in the Latvian realities of 2023-2029.
the program is prepared for Latvian business and market realities
Master Class «From "surviving" to "thriving" Latvian business
opportunities and strategies for the Roaring Twenty Twenties»
March 31, 2023
Riga, Bellevue Park Hotel Riga
Offline + online
Master Class Summary, Target Audience & Target Outcomes
These days, a merely «satisfied» customer is simply hygiene (a basic precondition for business survival) and brings no sustainable differentiation. For real growth in the 2020s, the business purpose needs to be much higher – helping customers to achieve their full success potential, and thereby delighting the customer. In other words, the model of a doctor, and not just a pharmacy.
Simply meeting basic functional customer needs is yesterday's story. We believe Latvia has unique business climate advantages that can be realized fully with a «customer success/delight» approach.
This master class is designed to help entrepreneurs and senior managers in Latvian businesses to maximize the value of their enterprises by radically reorienting their entire businesses and brands around the customer centric idea of «customer success & delight» rather than merely «customer satisfaction».
From positioning and segmentation to purpose, mission, vision and ambition. From KPIs to NPVs. From products and pricing to channels and promotion. Both digital and analogue. From sales and service to CRM and CEM (Customer Experience Management).
Taught by a globally experienced, multilingual strategic marketing expert from Ireland with almost 30 years practical business experience across five continents and multiple industries, this course will take you out of your comfort zone and show you how to reimagine every aspect of your business, and how to start implementing as soon as you return to the office.
The focus is not abstract theory, but concrete, real-life business situations and transformations. Many cases and examples will be covered, including detailed «customer experience» comparisons between Latvian businesses in various sectors and the best businesses in the world in the same sectors.
This master class has been built specifically for the Latvian market and takes into account all the cultural, economic, social and other strategic factors and realities specific to Latvia, and to the Baltic States more generally. The Latvian business environment offers unique growth possibilities and perspectives to existing and budding entrepreneurs. Latvia domiciled brands and IP benefit from natural geographical, cultural and financial access to key growth drivers, including:
  • 1
    The EU and sophisticated, liquid and transparent Western markets in general to the west and north.
  • 2
    China, India, the CIS countries and middle income, higher-growth developing countries in general to the east and south.
  • 3
    Singapore-style arbitrage opportunities between the West and East.
  • 4
    All enhanced by globally competitive cost of funds and stable, democratic political systems in the Baltic States.
As well as inherited advantages, there are also natural-born DNA strengths in the Baltic States economies and societies:
  • 1
    The economies of the Baltic States have been heavily eurostress-tested in recent years by the «baptism of fire» inherent in the macro- and micro-economic adjustment shocks to the super-hard euro currency, with attendant nominal price/wage deflation and severe recessions domestically.
  • 2
    The Baltic States are technologically-aware, -open and in some cases also – advanced societies with business-friendly regulatory regimes.
  • 3
    The uniquely and necessarily outward-looking mindset perspective imposed by relatively impenetrable and unknown languages and cultures adds significant competitive differentiation potential to ideas and concepts forged in the Baltic States.
Despite several marked successes in the Tallinn tech ecosystem, (Grabcad, Erply, Taxify, Vitalfields, SignWise, etc.) overall, however, genuinely sustainable customer-centric differentiation remains the exception rather than the rule for Baltic States brands and entrepreneurial constructs/business models.
Much of the Latvian and Estonian innovation ecosystem, for example, remains more focused on technology, coding and process breakthroughs than on customer experience innovation, however the real money is in the customer experience, not the technology. Customers are analogue, not digital. And they pay the bills.
Master Class Target Audience
This one-day master class is designed specifically for Latvian business entrepreneurs and investors to help them adapt, reimagine and rebuild their business strategies for the 2020s, both in Latvia and internationally. Our master class is also suitable for the top management teams (marketing, strategy, finance, sales, IT, HR, etc.) of these Latvian or Latvia-focused entrepreneurs and investors. In other words, the master class is targeted at Latvian business decision makers from any and all industries.
These businesses might be small, medium or large, B2B, B2C, C2B, B2B2C or even P2P, Latvian, European, American or Asian. They might be from any sector of the economy from finance to fitness to food to forestry to fashion. In the master class we will cover cases and lessons from 40+ industrial verticals and horizontals.
When we conduct these master classes in smaller countries such as Ireland or Switzerland, we normally look to achieve a roughly 33/33/33 audience mix between 3 types of business: locally owned large businesses, locally owned startups & SMBs and the local offices of multinational corporations. We will apply the same approach for Latvia.
Master Class Target Outcomes
Attendees of this master class will be given the strategic tools and approaches to ensure their businesses thrive, and not merely survive, in the 2020s, a period of enormous turbulence yet fabulous opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs.

Attendees will learn how to
  • Refresh their understanding of the changing world and changing Latvia.
  • Revise their business goals, objectives, KPIs and ambition levels.
  • Reimagine their business target markets, segments and customers.
  • Revisit their business purpose, vision and mission.
  • Redesign their business culture, strategy and business model.
With this in mind, we have put together a seminar designed to take you out of your daily comfort zone and reconsider your business and its markets and customers in light of the massive opportunities to be exploited in re-orienting your businesses towards customer success and customer delight.
Master Class Structure
The Twenty Twenties will be one of the most significant decades in recorded human history. This is because the decade when humanity migrates from the current Trade-Industrial epoch in place since the 1780s to the next epoch, the Scientific- Cybernetic epoch.

This new epoch will be marked by incomparably more ambitious, sustainable and faster human development vectors on all levels: technology, society, economics, politics and business. Because this "migration" will be a giant re-ordering and redistribution of global power, wealth and influence, the coming decade will also be heavily contested by a wide range of vested interests, the Twenty Twenties will be an extremely turbulent time, with multiple crises, crashes and black swan shocks.

Despite (or maybe because of) this turbulence, we believe that the 2020s will mark the true coming of age, at scale, of the visionary entrepreneur: strategically
mission-driven yet operationally resilient and tactically agile. It will be the era of tens of millions (as opposed to hundreds of thousands today) of small businesses with big ideas. The so-called Roaring Twenties (1924-1929) of the twentieth century were a period of unparalleled economic growth, value creation, value destruction and fundamental technological and social change in western economies, following a major war (1914-1918) and a global pandemic (1919-1922).

We expect similar transformational change, but at far greater orders of magnitude, to happen in the Roaring Twenty Twenties 2024-2029 period, in all economies: western, eastern and southern.

In this section we explain why, and what it all means for Latvian entrepreneurs:

(A) Business Climate: deep recession, everything-as-a-service, pervasive connectivity, shift from artificial intelligence to augmented intelligence
(B) Strategic Context: Kondratieff wave 6, stagflation, wars, crises and crashes, shock therapy, chaos engineering
(C) Geopolitics: multipolarity, deglobalisation, reshoring and localisation, hyper-intensive business, technological and competition, sanctions
(D) Technologies: 5th & 6th industrial ages, MBNRIC combinatorial technologies, IP/R&D, analog revolution following digital revolution, all "implementation" automated, analytics from predictive to prescriptive
(E) Economics: new hybrid economic models state socialism + state capitalism + private capitalism, macroeconomic programming
(F) Business Planning: mission-driven, social capital + financial capital
(G) Business Models: 2D linear, 3D platform, 4D & 5D decentralised P2P
(H) Applications: new solutions for new problems, democratisation of luxury
(F) Strategy Implications: "Doing things right" becomes less important than "doing the right things". Required: bold vision + concrete mission + flexible "like water" strategies.
Master Class Leader
Garrett Martin Johnston Founder & CEO, epiphany™, Purpose As-A-Service.
Garrett Martin Johnston is a Dublin, Ireland-born multilingual (speaks 8 languages) and multicultural (lived & worked in 14 countries)
Garrett Martin Johnston is a Dublin, Ireland-born multilingual (speaks 8 languages) and multicultural (lived & worked in 14 countries) marketing and customer strategy adviser, visionary, consultant, researcher and speaker on B2B, B2C, C2B, B2Me/US and B2B2X customer-centric strategic marketing, customer delight/success, analogue and digital transformation, demand generation, value proposition & product/service innovation, content marketing and omni-channel customer service.
Garrett has over 30 years of practical and truly global experience in all aspects of marketing, strategic sales and business development. Before setting up his own advisory firm, epiphany™, Garrett worked in senior strategy, sales and marketing roles for leading multinational companies including Cable & Wireless, Digicel, Cap Gemini, E&Y, PwC, MTS, and Avaya.
Garrett's firm, epiphany™, works on helping businesses discover & scale astronomically valuable reasons for being and to build the associated growth strategies for brands ranging from startups to MNCs across more than 40 different industry verticals in 22 countries across western, central and eastern Europe and the Middle East.
Garrett is also an inspiring speaker on marketing, sales and service topics and frequently presents at board & CXO level to corporate audiences in a range of languages, primarily English, German and Russian.
epiphany™ exists in order to solve a very expensive problem: most businesses destroy non-trivial value by building the right answers to the wrong questions. They sell medicine not wellness, repair not uptime, services not customer success, education not enlightenment, fashion not a spectacularly sexier you.
Most banks don't set out to make customers wealthier. Most car dealers don't design personal mobility solutions for customers. Most food retailers don't set out to marry personalized nutrition with everyone's inner gourmet.
In other words, far too few companies have a meaningful and valuable Purpose: an inspiring, distinctive & actionable vision & ambition for customers, stakeholders and themselves. Check out the S&P 500 (or, indeed, Startup 100). Mostly Purposeless Purpose, or simply not fit-for-Purpose: unambitious, unimaginative, uninspiring, undifferentiated & ultimately unsustainable corporate and SMB ambitions, objectives & KPI, insipid cocktails of staggeringly bland strategy & CSR/ESG white noise. "UnKool-Aid" Death by a thousand yawns.
Corporate Strategies desperately need Powerful Purpose: a strategy cannot be better than its objective. The vast majority of businesses do things right, but don't do the right things, have the right strategies for the wrong Purposes. Purpose is the unique big idea for a business that makes its customers and other stakeholders become maximally successful. Most corporate
Purposes today, however, are about the success of the business and not about the success of the customers & stakeholders. Value is destroyed because the value of markets, customers & stakeholders served by businesses are typically hundreds of times larger than value of the businesses themselves. Purpose is, ultimately, the strategy behind your entire corporate strategy. Wrong Purpose = Game Over.
epiphany™ therefore exists to help businesses discover, design & deploy astronomically valuable Purpose. Huge-impact, zero-bullshit Purpose to maximize customer, stakeholder & corporate equity and to directly drive strategy & decisioning. The Purpose of Soaring Companies in the Roaring Twenties as we see it is to positively transform their customers, not just their customer experience.
Mobile operators who spawn hyper-competitive digital warriors. Furniture dealers selling amazing sleep not just beds. Like the 1920s, the 2020s will drive the radical democratization of luxury. Purpose means "What is Business X ultimately fighting for? And why?" At epiphany™ we help businesses across Europe build big ideas that build ideal big businesses, that nail both the right questions & the right answers in the race to the top. Making Customers Great Makes Great Customers, as we like to say here at epiphany™
Together with you & our patent-pending process, we here at epiphany™ craft THE phenomenal Purpose for your business & stakeholders & inspire you to conceptualize, concretize & monetize this Purpose 360°: vision-strategy-execution- scaling.

Our Ideal You: "A Courageous Brand". Meaning that you do something so important, that even if you fail, the world will be a better place for you having tried. We provide Dutch courage for the less courageous:-)
Our 5-stage Process helps make a business not just Net Zero but Gross Positive: where its positive externalities, 360°: customer delight + employee enrichment + investor inflection + supplier success + planetary progress – utterly eclipse its negative externalities.
Together we craft THE phenomenal Purpose for your business & stakeholders, then iterate & monetize this Purpose end2end: ambition-vision-culture-strategy-execution- tradeoffs-scaling. We've solutions for startups, B2B & B2C, VC/PE investors, nonprofits & the public sector. We work in 20+ countries & 40+ verticals.

Being Irish (congenitally yet congenially iconoclastic) helps, too:-)
Master class schedule
9:30 – 10:00
9:30 – 10:00
Registration of the participants, networking
10:00 – 11:30
10:00 – 11:30
Session1, beginning of master class
11:30 – 12:00
11:30 – 12:00
Coffee break, networking
12:00 – 13:30
12:00 – 13:30
Session 2
13:30 – 14:30
13:30 – 14:30
Session 3
14:30 – 15:30
14:30 – 15:30
Lunch, networking
15:30 – 17:00
15:30 – 17:00
Session 4
17:00 – 17:30
17:00 – 17:30
Coffee break, networking
17:30 – 19:00
17:30 – 19:00
Session 5 and conclusion of master class
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Business Education Plus. Since 2011, we have been organizing useful trainings in various business competencies (in such areas as management, personnel management, sales, marketing, negotiations, leadership, social media, personal productivity, finance and investments). Several very famous world-class speakers were invited to Riga - Brian Tracy, Allan Pease, Ichak Adizes, Karsten Bredemeier, Robert Allen, Marshall Goldsmith.

Over 11 years, we have organized about 200 seminars, master classes, trainings, conferences (offline) and several dozen online trainings (during the pandemic). Besides Latvian business audience, business owners and top managers from England, Germany, Holland, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, and Estonia come to participate in our business seminars held in Riga.

The company is a member of the BNI Artmane business club.
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